Chanteloube or the Art of Paradox

Chanteloube is not just a pretty word, which sings in the ear and smells like the countryside. It is, above all, a state of mind, almost a philosophy, which brought together a large group of artists.Firstly merely local, then later regional, this group has now become international. And even if its name calls up the idyllic image of the Vercors, high up in the mountains, its influence has spread to the valley, and now beams far over the borders: to Catalonia, Poland, Germany, Lithuania and also the Czech Republic.With its feet and heart heavily anchored in its own territory, Chanteloube honours its roots each year, with great dignity, during the National Heritage open days.

Taking its inspiration from the history of its own people and landscapes, it summons up the past.

But the head of Chanteloube is also elsewhere and in the present time, since this structure lives in its own time too: it plans, creates and carries out international art events, in the context of exchanges and conferences. During the various artistic symposiums occurring here in France and in partner countries, artistic practice is enriched.
All sorts of artistic expression are to be found there: painting, sculpture, clay work, engraving, land art, installation, photography and video.Opening studios and private houses to as varied a public as possible, with the participation of young groups of ‘living art”, is part of the desire not to restrict contemporary art to a small elite. These regular gatherings, to which come more and more artists, both French and from abroad, are received with increasing success and encourage Chanteloube to continue with the enhancement of its heritage and its projects to promote contemporary art.

Who we are...

Since 2002 Chanteloube has initiated and realised international artistic projects in France and in all Europe - Spain, Poland, Germany, Czek republic, Lithunia. - Meetings, symposiums, exhibitions anchored in contemporary art, as well as artistic events in cultural centers and in museums. The group of artists from Rhône Alps area in France - Chanteloube - chooses to develop some topics dealing with history, environment or human activities in a territory.
We create an art connected to human life.